How to Keep Your Dentures in Top Condition

If you want to make the most of your dentures in Manassas, VA, it’s your responsibility to keep them in shape. Whether you wear partial dentures or a complete denture, taking care of them will help to preserve your oral health and comfort. You’ll need to rinse your dentures after you eat, and clean your mouth before you put them back in. Be sure to refrain from cleaning your dentures with any kinds of harsh cleaners or chemicals to avoid damage. Read on for more on how to keep your dentures in top condition.

Brush and Rinse Your Dentures Dentures

Your dentures can help when it comes to thoroughly chewing your food, but don’t forget to rinse them off afterwards. Once you have finished your meal, take out your dentures and run them under some water. This can help you expel any leftover food particles and debris that might remain attached to your dentures after a meal. In addition to rinsing your dentures after eating, you should also be brushing them on a daily basis. You can brush your dentures just like you would brush your natural teeth.

Clean Your Mouth

Some of the steps associated with keeping your dentures in top condition are not actually directly related to the dentures themselves. Since your dentures and your gums will be in relatively constant contact, you should also clean your mouth every time you take your dentures out. If you wear partial dentures and still have natural teeth left, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. If not, use gauze to clean your cheeks, your tongue, and the roof of your mouth. This removes bacteria and debris rather than trapping them between your gums and your dentures.

Know What to Avoid

The last thing you want to do with your dentures is use harsh chemicals to clean them. This can be harmful to the condition of your dentures as well as dangerous for your health. You should also be extra careful not to drop your dentures, so don’t leave them unsecured on shelves or countertops where they could be knocked over.


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