Veneers: Get Answers to Your Questions

Before you undergo any kind of dental restoration, you’ll want to completely understand what it is you’re getting into. If your dentist recommends porcelain veneers in Manassas, VA, you should understand why they are used and how they can help you. Dental veneers offer a range of benefits, and can even be a viable teeth whitening treatment for some. Although typically considered a cosmetic procedure, dental veneers can also have an effect on your oral health. Continue reading for the answers to some of your questions about veneers.

What do veneers do? Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin shield that your dentist can attach to the front of your teeth. This bolsters the strength of your natural tooth for the rest of your life, as this is a permanent procedure. Your dentist will shave down a small amount of your tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. The veneer can then cover up cracks, chips, and gaps in your teeth to improve your smile.

Can I use them for teeth whitening?

If you have always dreamt of a whiter smile but your teeth just don’t seem to respond to teeth whitening treatments, you can always talk to your dentist about porcelain veneers. Your veneers can be designed to match the natural color of your teeth, but you can also go for a few shades whiter. Many people are unaware that they can brighten up their smiles with the help of porcelain veneers, so ask your dentist about this option if teeth whitening doesn’t work.

How will they affect my oral health?

Porcelain veneers make for a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have any effect on your oral health. By covering your natural teeth, veneers can make them stronger and add more surface area. This can protect your natural teeth from additional damage, and in some cases, it can make it easier to chew your food. The easier it is to chew, the more capable you’ll be of eating healthy foods rather than soft, processed snacks. In these ways, dental veneers can substantially boost your oral health.


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