3 Ways Dental Implants Are Good for Your Dental Health

Has your dentist advised you to consider treatment with dental implants in Manassas, VA? If so, then you probably have questions about this procedure. If you’re unsure if this treatment is right for you, then continue reading to learn about 3 of the ways in which dental implants are good for your oral health.

1. Preserving Healthy Teeth Dental Implants

For a long time, dental bridges have been one of the best ways for dentists to replace missing teeth. Today, dental implants provide another solution. A dental implant is a small metal post that is implanted in the jawbone in place of a tooth root. Once the surgical site heals, the dentist then attaches a permanent crown to the top of the post. In this way, a dental implant can look and function just like your remaining natural teeth without affecting them in any way. Dental bridges, on the other hand, require that the teeth neighboring the gap be drilled down enough for a dental crown to fit over them. Because they don’t affect your healthy teeth, dental implants support your oral health.

2. Preventing Bone Loss

One effect of missing teeth that you may not be aware of is bone loss. When you lose a tooth, your body realizes that there’s no longer a need for there to be a strong bone structure at the site, which helps hold a tooth in place. When this happens, the body begins to reabsorb bone tissue from the area. This process can affect your oral health by weakening your jawbone and providing less support for your remaining teeth.

3. Preventing Gum Irritation

For many people, wearing dentures provides an excellent way to restore the look of their smile along with their dental function. However, for patients who are good candidates for the dental implant procedure, this can be a better option. Because dental implants are designed to function like natural teeth, this means that they do not sit over the gums like dentures do. If you find that your dentures are uncomfortable and irritate your gums, then speak with your dentist about implants.


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