Five Tips on How to Teach Your Kids Good Dental Care and Hygiene

Getting kids to brush their teeth does not have to be challenging for parents. Developing good dental care and hygiene habits is easier when you take the time to teach them.

  1. Make brushing fun—not a chore. Turn on their favorite song while they brush their teeth to make the two minutes needed for proper brushing go by much faster.
  2. Let your children pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Allowing kids to pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste means they are more likely to want to brush their teeth.
  3. Help them floss their teeth. Flossing is an essential part of good hygiene, so parents should do this task until they get older. TIP: Use pre-threaded dental flossers to make flossing easier for you and your child. Since they have a handle, they are great for smaller hands to use, too!

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  1. Reward them for sticking to regular brushing and flossing. Make a chart and place gold stars on it for each time they brush and floss their teeth. At the end of the week, reward them with a movie, special outing, or treat.
  2. Get them used to seeing a dentist twice a year. Talk to your family dentist about when it is best for them to start being seen regularly. Until then, ask if it is okay if you bring them along during your checkups so they can feel comfortable in the dental office and with the dentist.

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