Why Should I Use Non-Alcohol Mouthwash?

There are few things more embarrassing than being told you have bad breath. It’s a problem that many of us have experienced, whether it was a one-time event or it was a more chronic issue called halitosis. Either way, it’s an awkward moment that we’d like to forget, especially if our dental care already includes brushing and flossing regularly. dental - mouthwash

Mouthwash can help make a big difference in combating bad breath, but deciding which mouthwash is best for you can be a challenge. While most variations between them are minor, deciding between mouthwash with alcohol versus one without can be an important first step in relieving your bad breath. Recent studies have revealed that mouthwash that contains alcohol may not be the best solution for curing bad breath.

Mouthwash Without Alcohol:

  • Helps you to avoid the risk of oral cancer
  • Helps kill germs and bacteria that cause bad breath
  • Helps to retain and create saliva that staves off bad breath
  • Does not have a burning sensation, which means you can keep it in your mouth longer
  • Can be used safely by people of all ages and health conditions

Mouthwash With Alcohol

  • Can contain as much as 25% alcohol (ethanol)
  • Can cause a strong burning sensation in the mouth.
  • Can dry out the mouth, as alcohol is a drying agent

At Manassas Smiles, we know that bad breath can make for uncomfortable situations. We suggest brushing, flossing, and mouthwash without alcohol as part of your daily routine. For more information on our preventative services, call us today at 703-659-9034.

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