Phobias of Your Upcoming Dentist Visit and How to Get Over Them

For some people, the mere thought of visiting a dentist for a regular checkup can have them on edge. They do not like the sense of feeling trapped in the dental chair while the hygienist or dentist works on their teeth or the looks and sounds of dental equipment. dentist - appointment

Fortunately, general dentistry services have greatly improved, in recent years, to address the phobias people have about their upcoming dental visits. The best place to start is by scheduling a consultation appointment to sit down with your dentist to discuss your fears. When your dentist understands these, they will provide options to help you overcome these and other fears, such as:

  • Dental Equipment Fears – Those strange-looking tools do make some people fearful. One way to overcome this fear is to ask to hold the tools and ask the hygienist or dentist what purpose they serve.
  • The Dentist Looks Scary – Your dentist wears a mask and other protective items which can make them seem scary for some people. Prior to the exam, converse with your dentist and get to know them better, as this can often alleviate this fear.
  • Fear of Noises – If you dislike the sounds of drills and other dental equipment, wear earplugs during your exam to block out these noises.
  • Feelings of Confinement – Some dentists offer sedation to overcome this fear. Basically, you sleep through the entire exam or dental procedure.

Here at Manassas Smiles, we work to help our patients overcome their phobias and make their visits pleasant and less stressful. Feel free to contact our dental office at (703) 659-9034 today to schedule a consultation appointment to discover how we can help you overcome your fears!


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