Why a Healthy Smile Can Mean a Healthy Heart

Can flossing, brushing, and getting regular family dentistry check-ups help to keep your heart healthy? The evidence suggests that this is the case! In addition to offering treatments like dental veneers, root canals, and Invisalign in Manassas, VA, your dentist may be able to help you preserve your cardiac health through gum disease prevention.

This video provides additional information about the link between oral health and heart health. Individuals with gum disease have an increased likelihood of suffering from heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack and even death. Gum inflammation, pockets in your gum tissue, and loose teeth are all signs of gum disease. In addition to putting you at an increased risk for tooth loss and the need for tooth replacement, gum disease may increase your chances of experiencing inflammation elsewhere in your body—including in your heart.


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