Why You Should Pay Attention to Dental Pain

It can be tempting to ignore dental pain—you may be convinced that it is not significant, or wish to avoid dental anxiety. However, oral pain should always prompt you to schedule a family dentistry appointment in Manassas, VA. If you ignore dental pain, you may suffer from a range of oral health issues that require treatments such as tooth extraction, tooth replacement, root canal therapy, and even permanent dentures.

Tooth pain and gum pain can have a variety of causes. A blow or other injury to the face may lead to pain in a tooth or in your jaw that should be addressed by your dentist. If you have a chipped tooth, seeing your dentist promptly will ensure that your dentist has the best chance of saving the damaged tooth. Dental pain may also be caused by an infection; in addition to preserving the infected tooth, undergoing treatment for a dental infection is essential for stopping the infection from spreading and causing complications in other areas of your body.

Dental Pain


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