The What and Why About Root Canals

Root canal: These two simple words can strike fear in many people, but knowing what a root canal is can definitely minimize the anxiety associated with this dental care procedure. If it helps, you’re in good company, as thousands of roots canals are performed each year, with a 95% success rate. Saving and treating a tooth that’s probably been causing you a lot of pain is a great idea. root - canal

What Is a Root Canal?

  • The root canal refers to the area inside of a tooth that contains the nerve of the tooth and the pulp, which is the soft area within the root canal that helps to keep your tooth alive.
  • A root canal is recommended when the dental pulp becomes damaged or infected by multiple dental procedures, tooth rot, or a crack in the tooth.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

  • An x-ray is taken.
  • A rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to keep the area dry and saliva-free.
  • The tooth will be drilled to remove the pulp, bacteria, and decayed nerve tissues.
  • Once the tooth is cleaned out, it is sealed.

If the procedure sounds familiar, it is because it’s very similar to having a tooth filled. Shortly after your root canal, you will be back to eating your favorite foods and smiling your beautiful smile as always. At Manassas Smiles, it’s always the goal to save your natural tooth and make sure you’re comfortable throughout any of our dentistry procedures. Call our friendly, knowledgeable staff today at 703-659-9034 to schedule an appointment.


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